Schedule & Rates

Teaching Schedule & Location

Day Hour Class Location
Mon 9 - 10.15am HST Vinyasa flow Maha Yoga - Paia
Tues 9 - 10.15am HST Slow Flow to Deep Stretch Maha Yoga - Paia
Wed 9 - 10.15am HST Vinyasa Flow Maha Yoga - Paia
Wed 5.30 - 6.45pm Deep Stretch Yin Maha Yoga - Paia
Thurs 9 - 10.15am HST Slow Flow to Deep Stretch Maha Yoga - Paia
Fri 9 - 10.15am HST Vinyasa Flow Maha Yoga - Paia
Sat 9 - 10.15am HST Deep Stretch Yin Maha Yoga - Paia
Sun 9 - 10.15am HST Vinyasa Flow Maha Yoga - Paia


Drop In $20 BUY NOW
4 classes (valid 1 month)
8 classes (valid 1 month) $96 BUY NOW
Drop In $12 BUY NOW
4 classes (valid 1 month) $40 BUY NOW
8 classes  (valid 1 month) $72 BUY NOW
12 classes (valid 1 month) $84 BUY NOW


I seek to create classes that are sacred, inspiring, empowering and transformational.  Through stories, poetry, readings and the wisdom teachings of the Yoga Sutras I balance the desire for a “workout” with an even more powerful “work in”, nourishing body, mind and spirit.

Drawing extensively from my training in functional anatomy, human movement and corrective exercise my classes are carefully sequenced, and rooted in precise alignment so as to be sustainable, therapeutic and accessible to all.


The pace of the mixed level Vinyasa class is steady, allowing students enough time to find proper alignment in a pose, while still being challenging enough to cultivate greater strength, balance and co-ordination.

The classes includes all standing poses as well as standing balances to cultivate functional strength in the legs and to the open hips, thus making the other family of poses, namely backbends, arm balances and inversion more accessible.

With clear and precise verbal instruction, gentle adjustments and the use of props I teach students  how to master variations and suitable progressions so that they can take ownership of their personal practice within a group environment.

I believe this allows the individual to adapt the practice to their changing physical and mental/emotional needs on the day.  This approach supports personal responsibility, the awakening of insight and evolution of the practice towards the realization of one’s own potential, on the mat and in daily life.


All levels welcome! A slower paced Vinyasa class with a strong focus on foundational standing poses, balances, backbends and seated hip openers.  The slightly slower pace allows for focus on proper alignment, along with the appropriate use of props as needed.  The practice opens with joint mobility work and simple poses to release neck, shoulder and upper back tension.  These are followed by slow and gentle Sun Salutations on the floor to create a soft heat in the body that releases tension in the hips and lower back.   Standing poses and standing balances release tension in the legs while still building strength and prepare the hips and spine for gentle backbends.  These foundational backbends bring strength to weaker back muscles and open the chest for fuller breathing. These poses are followed by cooling inversions which are well supported.  The seated poses include gentle twists, forward bends and hip openers to wind down the energy of the class which then closes with simple pranayama and a juicy savasana.

Arm balances and heating inversions are not included in this practice so this class is well suited for those students with wrist or shoulder injuries, students new to a vinyasa practice or for those students who use their upper body muscles extensively in their work or sports.  It is also a perfect way to unwind from a hard day’s work!!!


All levels welcome! This class is designed to move at a much slower pace.  Many of the poses are propped and held for a few minutes so that we can really "sink" into areas of tension and holding.  There are very few standing poses, no standing or arm balances and inversions are cooling and most often propped.  Classes include pranayama and a longer savasana.

This class is a perfect counter balance to a stronger more dynamic practice but offers more poses than a restorative class or yin class.  It is the perfect way to wind down from the week and to start the weekend off relaxed and refreshed!