My Story


I grew up in, what was then, the small fishing village of Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The oldest child of 3, my siblings and I were blessed with a wonderful, carefree childhood. Back then Hout Bay really was a "village" and we grew up spending our days outside riding horses, cycling and walking everywhere, running in the sand dunes, hiking in the mountains, and even watching the fisherman haul in the day's catch right on the beach!

But I was growing up unaware of the injustices of apartheid which were happening outside of the safe confines of my middle class upbringing.  Thankfully, not too many years later, as I was graduating high school, our country began to see the struggle for equality and freedom come to fruition and we entered a time of real change. 

Through the vision of men and women who saw our capacity to overcome obstacles, surrender old beliefs and forgive past transgressions, our country was liberated and we moved from a period of segregation and isolation and were transformed into the “RAINBOW NATION” – a source of light and inspiration to the world. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and his dream, he called to the best in each of us, reminding us that we could DO BETTER and BE BETTER!

That experience has profoundly influenced the way I look at people and the world to this day.

Whether I realized it at the time or not, it growing up in that time that aligned me with the teachings of yoga which values all life, celebrates diversity and helps us to foster compassion and forgiveness in our hearts.

But it was only in 2003 I found my way to my first yoga class. I knew immediately that this was a practice that would transform my life. I experienced the power of yoga as a path to health and self knowledge and it awakened in me a sense of passion and purpose that soon after became my life’s work.

At the insistence of my teacher I enrolled for my first Yoga Teacher Training at the Ananda Kutir Ashrama in Cape Town in 2004. Immediately upon graduation I closed my Events Production company and opened my yoga studio and began teaching full time.

Teaching came naturally to me. My mother and both grandmothers, yoginis and teachers in their own right, instilled in me from early on a love of learning, people and travel.  They inspired me daily, showing me the multitude of ways that teachers can change lives. I have always seen teaching as a sacred vocation and an act of service that aligns with the teachings of yoga on a fundamental level.

Seeing the profound effect yoga has to help us heal on many levels and wanting a better training in functional anatomy so as to work more therapeutically with students I went on to do advanced studies with the Exercise Teachers Association/Sports Science Institute of South Africa and certified as a Personal Trainer.

A car accident at the end of 2006 was the beginning of a much deeper journey into yoga as a path to healing. It was also the catalyst for my move from the RAINBOW NATION to the RAINBOW STATE of Maui, Hawaii in 2007. And so began many years of further study into Corrective Exercise, human movement and the therapeutic benefits of yoga, all of which have inspired my teaching style and form the foundation of my teaching methodology.

Over the years Yoga has come to define my lifestyle, my values, priorities, and how I offer my work in the world. It keeps me fit, healthy, centered and happy.  Yoga is much more than just a physical practice to me - it has been a platform for self awakening, self improvement and personal growth. It has helped me to cultivate a deep love for all life and nature. Every day Yoga inspires me to try to do my best and be my best in each moment!

I find my teaching inspiration in my practice, woven into my student's stories, being in nature, through art and music, meeting people from all around the world and through travelling.

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga you will find me walking on the beach, at a local coffee shop with my students, curled up with a yoga or anatomy book, trying to learn the piano, taking photographs, and travelling!

I spend most of the year living on the magical island of Maui, Hawaii where I am nourished by the spirit of ALOHA, the natural beauty of the islands and its relaxed lifestyle. I return to South Africa as often as I can to stand under big open skies and soak up the vibrant multicultural energy of Africa.